An Aberfan in reverse 

An Aberfan in reverse 

QUITA MORGAN Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

The pretty Somerset village of Axbridge for all wept today its mothers. missing Women and children were stunned and red-eyed as they awaited news of the final toll. Almost every family has lost a mother, a sister or a close friend. Some families already know the worst. Others have heard that their relatives are alive and safe. But for many the strain and suspense of not knowing continues this afternoon. 

A few villagers described their tragedy as an Aber- fan in reverse. Abridge has lost, not its children, but its mothers. They set out yesterday on the annual outing organised by the local Towns- women’s Guild. The village still does not know how many will come back. The women took with them a few husbands and children. Almost all the rest were mothers. Among these whose fate still is not known are five women from one family. Mr. Colin Young, of Orchard Road, was awaiting news of his wife, Joan, his mother Mrs. D. Young, his sister Alison (21), his sister-in-law Mrs. Kathleen Jenkins and his aunt Dorothy. Mr. and Mrs. Young have two sons, Glyn (11) and Russell (8) 

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