The woman who saw it dream 

The woman who saw it dream 

Western Daily Press April 11th 1973 By Garth Pearce 

MRS. MARIAN Warron, who should have been on yesterday’s death trip, sold her ticket at half-price after a nightmare premonition of the crash. She saw the horror of exactly what happened In a dream three weeks ago. “I saw the plane come over some trees and crash into the snow.” she told me last night at her white-fronted country cottage in Churchill Green, near Bristol. “There were bodies of my friends being laid out. “It was vivid and horrible. “The only person I told about it was my hairdresser. 


“I felt cold all day, despite sitting in front of a big fire. “I am alive, but this involves all my friends, I feel terrible and so upset.’ Her ticket was bought by Mrs. Aileen Gill for nine- year-old daughter Hazel. They both went on the trip. Mrs. Gill’s husband Dennis, a haulier, of Walnut Cottage, Congresbury, was waiting for news late last night. His brother and sister-in- law, Ivor and Marle, were on the plane with their son John. David Wookey, aged 13, nearly bought Mrs. Warren’s ticket. But his mother, Connie, also had strange feeling about the flight. “I felt it was jinxed,” she said last night. “I decided not to go for that reason and I didn’t want David to go either. An angel must have been sitting on my shoulder.’ 

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