Anguish of the families who stayed behind 

Anguish of the families who stayed behind 

Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

The full horror of the Basle tragedy at last hit home to the weary, grief – stricken members of families left behind in Bristol this afternoon. 

Milkman Mr. Stanley Venn, of Hawthorn Street, Totterdown, had five rela- tions aboard the doomed Vanguard. His wife Olive his daughter Shirely grand- daughter Jane Shire- ley’s husband David Sur- ridge sister Mrs. Hilda Hunt. He learnt of the dreadful blow while on his milk round, as first reports filtered over the radio at a house where he was delivering milk. Mr. Venn did not go on the trip because of his work. His daughter Shirley was a regular helper on the milk round. 

Across the road from the Venn’s, tragedy struck another Hawthorn Street family, for Mrs. Aileen Taylor (48) mother of five grown-up children had gone with friends on the trip. 

Mr. Tony Maunders, a Cheddar builder, was today “shattered” at the disaster. Five of his family were on the day-trip too. His wife Marlene mother Mrs. Phyllis Maunders wife’s sister Mrs. K. Newman brother’s mother-in-law Mrs. Gould brother-in-law’s sister Mrs. J. Worsley. 

Fifteen-year-old David Jones of Bishopsworth Road, Bristol, was today facing the terrible blow fate has dealt him. David, Bedminster Down School pupil, stayed behind to look after his father’s greengrocery shop. His family were aboard the Vanguard. Father Mr. Colin Jones (39) Mother Shirley (36) brother Andrew (13) David’s aunt, Mrs. Hilary Williams, said: “He had the opportunity to go, but wanted to keep things going here.” 

Bristol Rolls-Royce worker Mr. Ken Wheeler broke down today as he came face to face with personal tragedy His family had flown to Basle. His wife Myrtle son Andrew (7) son Mark (13). Neighbours were comforting him this afternoon at his home in Winterstoke Road, Bristol. He said: “They were all looking forward to it so much. They were hoping for a lovely day. “Then I heard the news. I was stunned. I went to Lulsgate and waited for hours We just waited. It was horrible. I think they must all be dead.” 

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