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  • Die Katastrophe von Hochwald

    Die Katastrophe von Hochwald

    This report was in a Swiss magazine has been first scanned and then translated from German so there are errors. But reading this account, including the mistakes, you get a different perspective to the British press stories.. The blind landing approach ended with death, tears and mourning. The unlucky plane “Invicta” Vanguard G-AXOP, which crashed…

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  • Day out for alr crash orphans 

    Day out for alr crash orphans 

    By John Christopher, Daily Express Saturday 14th April 1973 THE ORPHANS of the Swiss air disaster were whisked away from the heart-breaking atmosphere of two motherless villages yesterday. Forty children from Axbridge and Cheddar in Somerset were taken to the seaside cinema at Weston-super-Mare to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The day-trip tragedy,…

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  • Susan’s song of courage in the snow 

    Susan’s song of courage in the snow 

    Daily Express April 12th 1973 By John Hamshire BASLE Wednesday SURVIVORS of the Oscar Pappa air disaster sat up in hospital beds today to say: “Thank heaven for Susan Dyer.”  For many said they owed their lives to the 23-year- old auxiliary nurse who helped passenger after passenger from the twisted wreckage of the Vanguard…

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  • The anguish of Axbridge

    The anguish of Axbridge

    Daily Express Staff Reporter Wednesday April 11th 1973 THIS IS a disaster area, the village square at Axbridge, Somerset. As pretty as ever it was, sparkling in the after- noon sunlight. But life here will never be quite the same again. For just as surely as if hit by an avalanche, the crushing tragedy of…

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  • Grief comes to five villages

    Grief comes to five villages

    By John King, John Davies, John Christopher. Daily Express Wednesday April 11th 1973 FIVE VILLAGES in Somerset lost their wives and mothers yesterday when a day-trip airliner crashed in Switzerland, killing 106 of the 145 people on board.  Names of survivors came in last night as husbands who had been baby-sitting waitedat Bristol’s Lulsgate Airport…

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  • The 39 who escaped

    The 39 who escaped

    Report in the Daily Express April 11th 1973 THESE ARE the survivors of the Invicta crash as issued late last night by the company Miss J. Besley, Mrs. J. Bowen, Master R. Bowen, Mrs. M. Carver, Mrs. S. Cole (released from hospital), Mrs. I. Hooper. Mr. B. Jones (released). Mrs. M. Sampson, Mrs. K. Scott,…

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  • Trail to survival

    Trail to survival

    John Hamshire, Daily Express Wednesday April 11th 1973 FOOTPRINTS in the snow led rescuers to survivors from the Vanguard, which came down onits back after wingtip struck a fir tree. They were made by a passenger who staggered out of the wreckage-and stumbled on a search party from nearby Hochwald.  He spoke no German, but…

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