Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

The two boys were today taken to a film show at the local school. Volunteers have reopened the village school, which had been closed for the Easter holidays, to provide children like the Youngs with some- where to go, Mr. Young was at home with friends, awaiting the knock on the door that would tell him what had happened. Several of the villagers who stayed at home said they did not know what had made them switch on their radios or television sets yesterday as the news the crash filtered of through. Axbirdge a Somerset village with deep-rooted close families and a very close community. Today that closeness is being strengthened almost to granite by tragedy. 

Tear-stained villagers stand on street corners and gather the village square. Many people not only those directly affected have taken the day off work. They all want to do something to help their grief-stricken neighbours. Unfortunately, there is little for many of them to do. Some of the residents who have heard that their relatives are safe look almost as strained as those who still don’t know. The deaths affect. 

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