Daily Telegraph April 11th 1973

Invicta International Airlines said in London last night that 39 of the 139 passengers and six crew of the Vanguard Survived the crash. The following list of 34 of the survivors, with five names to be added later, was issued 

Not seriously Ill: Miss J. Besley, Mrs J. Bowen. Master R. Bowen. Mrs M. Carver. Mrs S. Cole (already released from hospital. Mrs Hooper. Mr B. Tones (already released from hospital). Mrs M. Sampson, Mrs K Scott. Miss L. Simmonds, Mr H. Stacey, Mr F. Diols, Master Wharton. Mrs K. Winscombe (already released from hospital), Air Stewardess Low,  Air Stewardess Axton (already released from hospital).

State of health unknown: Miss Brenda Fish. Mrs M. Wharton. Mr N. Ibbs, Mr D. Besley. Mrs T. Ibbs. Mrs Toomer, Mrs F. M. Carpenter. Mrs I. Edginton, Mis A. Clarke. Miss Susan Dyer, Mr B. Gillow. Mrs A. R. White. Mrs F. Patch, Mrs A. Rogers Mrs Fu Hart. Mrs M. Long, Mrs P. Churches, Mrs V Avery. 

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