Boy (12) said flight was jinxed 

Boy (12) said flight was jinxed 

Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

A twelve-year-old Abridge boy thought there was a jinx on the trip to Switzerland. And he told his father about it the day before he and his mother climbed aboard the ill fated aircraft. 

Today retired postman Mr. Albert Wharton relieved that both his wife and son are safe – told jinx story. “Stephen sat here with his cat the day before yesterday and said ‘Dad, there’s a jinx on this trip.’ “I took no notice,” said Mr. Wharton, of High Street, Axbridge. “If the flight had gone out last week Stephen would not have gone. He would have been at school “But he is on holiday this week and when the trip was delayed he managed to get a spare ticket.” Mr. Wharton was one of the first to hear that his wife was safe.. But he had eight hours of heartache and frustration ringing from hospital to hospital before he eventually found out that Stephen is in hospital with injuries to his jaw and nose. “I tracked him down to hospital where he was referred to as No. 31. That must be his lucky number. 

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