Gran safe on first flight 

Gran safe on first flight 

Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

Grandmother Mrs. Agnes White (68), who took her first trip abroad when she flew to Basle, is among the survivors. Her husband George (69) said from their home in Upper New Road, Cheddar: “This was the first time she has been in an aeroplane and the first time she has gone abroad.” Mrs. White has three children and several grandchildren. She works at St. Michael’s Cheshire Home, Axbridge, where she helps the physically handicapped. Mr. White’s son-in-law was given the news that Mrs. White had survived as he waited at Bristol Airport. “We don’t know whether she is injured or not, all know is that she is alive,” said Mr. White. She is in hospital at Bezirksspital. 

Plane ‘making for Zurich’ 

The Vanguard was probably making a diversion to Zurich at the time it crashed, writes ROY HEELAS. It seems probable that such a decision was taken because of the bad conditions. The pilot apparently circled Basle to look at the airfield, assessed the weather as being too unfavourable and chose instead of landing there to make for Zurich. The plane’s position when it crashed is consistent with such action. 

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