Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

More than 35 people are known to have the survived disaster.

Invicta Airline the following issued list some of the survivors. of Already released from hospital are: 

Mrs. S. Cole, Mrs. I. Hooper, Mr. B. Jones, Mr. F. Tjolle, S. Wharton, K. Winscombe, Air Stewardess Axton, Air Stewardess Low. Those in Cantons Hospital in Listal: Brenda Fish (15), of Hillside, Axbridge, pupil of Kings of Wessex School, Cheddar; Mrs. Maud Wharton (50), of Station Road Farm, Axbridge, Mr. D. Besley, Mr. N. Ibbs, Mrs. J. Ibbs 

Those in Bezirksspital, Dornech: Mrs Toomer, Mrs. F. M. Carpenter, Mrs. J. Edgington, Mrs. A. Clarke, Miss Susan Dyer, Mrs A. R. White, Mrs. Flora Patch of Cheddar, Mrs. A. Rogers, Mrs. F. Hart, Mrs. M. Long, Mrs. P. Churches, Mr Ben Gillow (19), of Wells Road, Bath. 

Other survivors: Miss J. Besley, Mrs. J. Bowen, R. Bowen, Mrs. M. Carver, Mrs. M. Sampson, Mrs. K. Scott, Miss L Simmonds, Mr. H. Stacey. An airline official named two other survivors as Hale and Gill, 

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