These 68 booked a trip to disaster.

These 68 booked a trip to disaster.

Western Daily Press April 11th 1973

THE 68 passengers booked through Mendip Travel of Yatton were: 

FIVE members of Cheddar Mothers’ Group: J. Baker, Mrs. Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. G. Heritage, Mrs. A. Latham, Mrs. H. Lane. 

SIXTY-THREE members of Abridge Townswomen’s Guild and relatives: Mrs. B. Hopkins, Mrs, V. Avery, Mrs. Gould, Mr. R. Keen, Mr. David Besley, Mr. Douglas Besley, Mrs. I. Besley, Mrs. J. Bowen, Mrs. E. Bridges, Mrs. B. Brooks, Mrs. E. Brooks, Mrs. M. Carpenter Mrs. M. Carver. Mrs D Chard, Mrs. F. Chard. Mrs. P. Churches, Mrs. A. Clarke, Miss J. Cole. Mrs. S. Cole, Mrs. F. Curry. Mrs. Davies, Miss S. Dyer, Mrs. J. Edgington. Miss B. Fish, Mrs. G. Fish. Mrs. Q. Fowler, Mrs. J. Furber, Mrs. W. Glover, Miss A. Hale, Mrs. S. Hart, Mrs. A. Holford. Mrs. L Hooper, Mrs. V. Hughes. Mrs. Isgar. Mrs. K. Jenkins. A. Mrs. Long, M. Lane. Mrs Mrs. N. M. Maunders. Mrs. Maunders senior, Mrs. Mayled, Mrs. K. Newman, Mrs. F. Patch. Mrs. Pavne, Mr. G. Robertson. Mrs. A. Rodgers, Mrs. M. Sampson, Mrs. M. Sandford. Mrs. Miss L. Simmons. K. Scott, Miss M. Squires. Mr. R. Stacey and Mrs. R. Stacey, Mrs. B. Toomer. Mr. D Urch, Mrs. M. Wharton and Master S. Wharton, Mrs. White. Mrs. K. Winstone. Mrs. J. Worsley, Miss A. Young. Mrs. D. Young and Mrs. J. Young, and Master J. Bowen. 

Other passengers included a party of 57 from Congresbury organised by Mrs. Beryl Batt, of Park Road, who was on the plane with her husband. Others were: Mrs. A. Gill. Hazel Gill. Marie Gill, Ivor Gill and John Gill, all of  Brinsea Road. Mrs. I. Weaver, of Pauls Causeway: Mrs. H. Rawlins, of Chest-nut Close. And Local undertaker Mr. Bill Price and his wife of Stonewell Drive: Mrs. M Reakes, of Southlands: Miss May Atwell of The Plough Inn. Others included: Mrs. Clarke of Silver Street; 

And one who stayed behind 

Mrs. Ellen Rawlings; Mrs. Jean Roynon, her daughters, Linda and Eleanor, and mother Mrs. Davies; fish lady Mrs. Porter. and Mrs. Betty Moores and Mrs. Margaret Moores from West- on-super-Mare. Mrs. C. Roynon and daughter of Venus Street; 

There were also six women from Wrington: Mrs. Mabel Cole and her daughter, Terresa; Mrs. Nancy Frappell; Mrs. Joan Brookes; Mrs. Kath Board and Mrs. Aileen Cleeves. Mrs. Patricia Palmer, of Bungalow Inn, Lulsgate, is also believed to have been on the plane. 

IN CONGRESBURY. former Women’s Institute president. Mrs. Catherin Regan, said: “In a small place like this everyone knows everyone. “I know a number of them had been saving hard for this trip for quite a long time. It’s all very distressing.” Congresbury, memorial club’s ladies skittles team arranged the excursion. They have set up annual trips abroad since the club was opened five years ago. 

But only four members of the team were on yesterday’s flight. They were: Mrs. Beryl Batt, who did most of the organising; Mrs. Irene Weaver, and Mrs. Aileen GIll and her sister-in-law,. Mrs. Batt’s daughter Susan is due to be married in Yat- ton on May 5. She and her father, Mr. Philip Batt, last kept a vigil for night Lulsgate, airport. news at Mrs. Madge Pye, who was working last night behind one of the bars at the aire port. said she had booked seat for the flight but had changed her about going. mind MT can’t say why I changed ny mind. no reason for can give she said. The Vanguard left Bristol with a seat booked In her name still vacant. “T still cannot realise that I have escaped this dreadful disaster. said Mrs. Pye. 

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