Trip was good value for money’ 

Trip was good value for money’ 

Evening Post Wed April 11th 1973

A fortnight ago Mrs. Audrey Coulson, organiser of the Evening Post Women’s Circle went on an identical trip to yesterday’s tragic day trip to Basle.

 “Several members of Women’s Circle had asked me about possible day trips to places as far afield as Basle and Venice SO I decided to test it for myself first as I always do. I left Lulsgate at 8.30 a.m. and flew straight to Basle and as far as value for money was concerned I couldn’t fault it. *We were booked into a good hotel for meals, the meals were excellent; and a two-hour coach trip to Lucerne and then a boat trip on the lake. 

“We had a member of Unicorn staff on the plane with us who was most helpful. We even had time for shopping before returning home, reaching Lulsgate half an hour late at 11.30 p.m. “I had been worried, though, about the possibility of bad weather. After all a fog delay at either end or the snow which one can so easily get at this time of year could ruin a day trip for which people had saved and to which they’d looked forward to so much.

 “In fact, I had no weather problems on my trip  but  after my discussion with the editor, we decided against offering such day trips to Women’s Circle members bearing the risk of a disappointingly shortened day or even last minute cancellation of the trip in mind.” “When  I boarded the plane I found myself sitting next to a Women’s Circle member who had, in fact, been on the same trip before and enjoyed so much she was repeating it.” 

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