Official lost of the dead and survivors

Official lost of the dead and survivors

Weston Mercury & Somerset Herald April 20th 1973

THE FOLLOWING is the list of the dead and survivors of the crash issued from the information centre at Axbridge: 


Weston: Mrs. K. M. Jenkins, Moorland Road; Mrs. B. M. Moore, 11 Selbourne Road; Mrs. Road. M. Moore, 11 Broadoak 

Congresbury: Miss K. E. M. Atwell, Plough Inn; Mrs. B. G. Batt and Mr. R. Batt, of 35 Stonewell Drive; Mrs. R. E. Clark, Mazel Dean, Silver Street; Mrs. E. M. Davis and Mrs. L. J. Davis, both of 4 Venus Street; Mrs. F. Durman, Ship and Castle: Mrs. A. G. Gill, and Miss H. M. Gill, both of Walnut Cottage, Brinsea Road; Mr. I. J. Gill, J. Gill, and Mrs. M. Gill, all of The Horts, Brinsea Road; Mrs. D. Price and Mr. W. Price, 21 Stonewell Drive; Mrs. E. Rawlins, Chestnut Close Bungalows; Mrs. M. F. Reakes, 54 Southlands Estate; Mrs. S. J. Roynon and Miss E. Royrton, both of 4 Venus Street; Mrs. G. L. Searle, 11 Yew Tree Park; Mrs. I. M, Weaver, Rhodeswood, Pauls Causeway; Mrs. E. B. Chard, 183 Claverham Road, Claverham. 

Axbridge: Mr. D. Besley, 24 West Street; Mrs. D. Chard, Raymond Court, High Street; Mrs. P. Curry, 24 High Street; Mrs. Gladys Fish, •Hillside; Mrs. B. Fowler, The Lamb Hotel: Mrs. J. Furber, Stone Ridge, Wall Green; Mrs. W. Glover, 7 Old Church Road; Mrs. B. Hopkins, Fitz Pen House, 10 High Street; Mrs. M. Ayled, St. Mary’s Street; Mrs. M. J. Sandford, 5 High Street; Mrs, E.- Stacey, 2 West End, Lower Weare; Mr. D. Urch, Raymond Court, High Street, Axbridge. 

Cheddar: Mrs. E. J. Baker, 31 Nye Close; Mrs. E. Brooks, 14 Westacre: Mrs. M. Edwards, Constantine, Lower New Road; Mrs. A. D. Gould, Silver Street; Miss A. Hale, Aquema, Rodney Stoke; Mrs. G. Heritage, St. Andrew’s Road, Cheddar; Mrs. A. S. Holford, Channel View, The Batch, Draycott; Mrs. A. N. Isgar, Trelawney, Lower North Street, Cheddar; Mr. R. Keen, The Harbour, Barrows Park; Mrs. M. E. Lane, Langdale, Cliff Street; Mrs. A. Latham, Shan- sirla, Barrows Park: Mrs. M. A. Maunder, Braeside, Barrows Park; Mrs. P. Maunder, Lakeside, New Road; Mrs. K. Newman, The Barrows; Mrs. F. A. Payne, 43 Westaere: Mr. C. Robertson, Hill Lea Gardens; Miss A. Young, 12 Westacre: Mrs. D. V. Young, 12 Westacre; Mrs. B. E. Bridge, Mendip Haven, Westbury sub Mendip.

Wrington: Mrs. K. M. Board, 24 School Road; Mrs. R. J. Brooks, Cozycot, Gatcombe, West Hay Road; Mrs. A. Cleeves, 8 Kings Road; Miss K. J. Coles and Mrs. M. H. M. Coles, both of 5 School Road; Mrs. N. Frappell, 5 Lawrence Road. Redhill area: Mrs. D. J. Bull, 4 Church Road; Miss J. M. Cole, Myrtle House Farm, Regil, 

Winford; Mrs. M. Harse, Row of Ashes Cottages, Redhill; Mr. A. Mackenzie and Mrs. C. A. Mackenzie, both of 4 Green Lane, Butcombe; Mrs. P. Palmer, Bungalow Inn, Redhill, 

Wedmore area: Mrs. L. Davis, Analor, Heath House. Winscombe: Mrs. V. L. Avery, East Dale, Sideot Lane. 

Others from the Bristol area, Wells, Melksham, Castle Cary and Chickerell, near Weymouth. 

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